Wordpress Security Services

Wordpress Security Services

Best WordPress Security Services Your Website Needs

Today, we would like to introduce our newest end-to-end solution offering complete WordPress Security Service, which includes effective protection, constant auditing and scanning, and unlimited support.

Reasons to sign up for a WordPress security service

With years of providing premium quality WordPress development services to different website owners, we have realized the incredible need for everyone to stay secured and safe online.

Did you know that 85% of online purchasers abandon carts when sent to an unsecured connection? Not only that, 82% of people will never dare to browse unsecured websites, not matter how professional your theme looks like.

Most importantly, 43% of small businesses get targeted by cyber attacks every day making your businesses in dire need of a WordPress security service.

We’ve seen the same trend happen over and over again and we want to put a STOP now by offering the best WordPress security services you need.

Majority of websites are using WordPress. There’s no wonder why hackers target its users. Developing one successful hacking technique can lead to huge financial gains for them.

Hackers try to minimize your visitors to the best of their abilities by thwarting your search engine rankings, and service resources. The worst part is that they do not mind your business size.

What can I get from your WordPress Security Service Plans?

Here at i3-Security, we offer three affordable WordPress Security Service plans that are tailored to your needs, whether you are already a big player or a humble startup.

Entry-Level Plan

Best WordPress Security Services Online

Open source core WordPress applications are always under the eyes and strict review processes done by contributors. Therefore, you can worry less about them.

However, WordPress plugins and themes are not under constant scrutiny. Therefore, hackers uses the under-reviewed plugins and themes to their advantage. Unfortunately, hackers can easily exploit a lot of WordPress-specific codes and websites.

For these reason, we highly focus on effective administration and maintenance of the website and its plugins in our strategy. Signing up for our Entry-level plan will include hacker-fighting services like regular plugin and website updates and audit.

Silver Plan

Wordpress Security Audit Services

Offering everything any website needs, Silver is our best-selling plan. Our Silver plan essentially includes continuous plugin and website updates and audit like the Entry-level plan but with more security features.

Aside from the above, we will closely implement our three core elements in successful website security. These elements include an effective layer of protection, continuous security breach detection, and immediate response. These three helps us combat new and emerging threats on WordPress websites at any day.

To do that, we will take care of adding a reliable Web Application Firewall on your website. We are proud to say that our website firewall hardens all access points and patches software on your websites, which makes it virtually impossible for hackers to get in.

Moreover, we will constantly detect malware through our selected trusted tried-and-tested antivirus program. We will also implement immediate response through instant malware removal.

As an added bonus, we will also take care of your continuous backups so we have a great weapon against successful attacks, keeping your downtime at bare minimum!

Gold Plan

Top WordPress Security and Maintenance Service

While our Silver plan already provides everything a website needs, we highly recommend getting the Gold plan on e-Commerce websites.

Aside from getting the same services on our Silver plan, you’ll also get additional features like 2-factor authentication security and DDoS attack monitoring.

We will continuously work on guarding your website at all times, avoid bad traffic, eradicate threats, and curtail attacks to keep your keep your user data secure and private, protect your business integrity at all times, and keep your uptime 99% of the time.

Why choose our WordPress Security Service?

We fully understand the importance of staying online and visible to your audience 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days a year so we are highly focused and committed to providing great customer service. Furthermore, all of our packages include email and chat support. For phone support, just contact us to discuss more!

Let us take care of your valuable time and vulnerable website now and sign up to one of our best WordPress security service packages today!